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“Love this place”

"Love this place for my two sons. Prices are reasonable, it's clean and the staff is beyond friendly and sweet."

Tanya | 4/17/14 | read full testimonial »

Party After Room Rental

We love how the party can continue after the room rental. You are the only place I know that does that!

Rizza | March 18, 2014 | read full testimonial »

Love this place

"I love this place & my kids love it even more!!"

Maria | 11/19/13 | read full testimonial »

Memorable Birthday

Thanks! My Kids Clubhouse n Christina for making our son's B'day a memorable one.

Host Was Great

"The host was a great big help and made things less stressful and easy"

This Place Is Awesome

"This place is awesome"

One Mom | 3/22/2006 | read full testimonial »

Great Place

"A great place for the kids"

Sal501 | 11/26/2007 | read full testimonial »

Makes Birthday Parties Easier

Makes birthday parties so much easier on mom

Party Perfection

Predictable Weather, Kids Can't Escape, Maximum Fun Factor, Good Pizza and Grown Ups Actually Get to Talk to Each Other